Genetic Identical’s given the green light

Top German scientific research company GIC was given approval to undertake molecular cloning on Thursday in the first step to creating a world of genetically identical individuals.

It was in last February that rumours surrounding archaeologist Gavin Sukamara and his team had uncovered blue prints from an ex Nazi Germany strong hold detailing the chemical science behind the creation of clones.

Six months after Mr Sukamara was found deceased in his London home with the location and speculation of the blueprints thought to have been kept secret to his grave.

In May of this year GIC released that they were now in possession of the blueprints, yet have not stated how they came into possession of the material and refused to comment on the issue.

The UN security council have, after a lengthy battle in the International Court of Justice been forced to give the green light for GIC to conduct human studies under close supervision.

Doctor Susan Thomas, Head scientist for the UN announced that she feared the worse for the human trials saying that ‘this process is unprecedented in the trial phase, nobody knows what will happen or how the human body will react.’

Opposition for the trial process is rallying in numbers as Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis have openly voice their opinions on the issue, with Pope Francis saying ‘this is unholy.’


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