A decreasing trend that’s gaining popularity.

New smoking bans will be implemented throughout the Monash Council as of August 1st 2017 following the Victorian Government’s push to reduce the public’s consumption of second hand smoke.

Restrictions regarding smoking in all outdoor eating areas comes as a welcome relief to the Monash Council and Mayor Paul Klisaris, whom has already been lobbying for the imposition of this ban for the past few years.

Ainsley Gowan, Manager of Communications for the Monash Council re-iterrated the importance of this first step to phasing out smoking, following the idea that, “more important in the argument is the right to clean air, and the right to not be smoked on”.

Ms Gowan followed up on her comments asserting her opinion that a generalised state wide law against smoking would be fairer.

George Fakos, owner of Eaton Mall’s Aromare restaurant was too in agreement of the new legislation stating that he believes more people will “be more observant of other peoples needs and wants in the area,” resulting in a more family friendly, improved area.

Mr Fakos holds strong beliefs that the smoking “culture” is not one that should be promoted anyway.

To the rest of Australia the new imposition of these Victorian smoking bans come as no surprise. The 6th July 2015 saw the New South Wales Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 (reformed) restrict smoking in public outdoor eating areas, alerting to the fact that Victoria is already behind the pace in encouraging the prevention of smoking.

Figures prove that rates of smoking from those over the age of 18 have followed a decreasing trend, having almost halved in the past twenty years, down from 26.1% in 1993 to a mere 13.3% in 2013. So as it seems, the increasing bans are having a positive effect in reducing the number of smokers, not just in Victoria but Australia as a whole.


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