James Hird’s ‘Mabo case’

Essendon coach James Hird was yet again under fire in his press conference yesterday for the continuing investigation into the drug saga that has riddled the Essendon football club since the 5th February 2013.

The call for Hird to step down as senior coach of the club first came on April 10th 2013 when Essendon’s crisis manager Elizabeth Lukin recommended he seriously considerd his options in continuing a football career.

When questioned on his choice to continue the fight Hird concluded that ‘In hind sight it may have been the right decision for me to step down’

Hird put on a brave face for the interview, sticking to his guns in believing that ‘Once this ASADA And WADA investigation comes to an end in November.. we will yet again be found not guilty.’

Hird clearly frustrated by the bombardment of questions regarding why he is now taking the fight to the High Court after having lost every appeal ever launched exclaimed that ‘Im taking it to the high court for the vibe.. its my Mabo case’

The delusional Hird still believes he however has a career in the AFL after the 2015 season


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